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Good Posture is the Key to Longevity and Help prevent Osteoporosis

Good Posture is the key to Longevity and Help Prevent Osteoporosis.

Your Backbone is the key to Good Posture. Good Posture keeps you feeling good, confidant and Active. I understand how hard it can be to try to keep Great posture, especially If you have an office job, and your head droops down, or always slumping in the chair from sitting to long.

How to Fix Your Posture

Poor Posture comes causes your muscles to weaken and become really tight. Most of the time people never consider that it is their posture causing tension along their spine and near the shoulders.

Most of the time your probably thinking to yourself, “Ah, I must of slept wrong.”

When your Posture is great, your body is aligned, well balanced with little to no stress or strain, your helping to support your bones, ligaments, and muscles. You have to also think, your posture gibes appropriate positioning for your inner organs. Think about when your out of breath or just took off in a sprint. What do you do? You stand up straight, place your arms above your head, to give your lungs space they need for full expansion. Think about when you go see your doctor. He pulls out his telescope and ask you to sit straight up and take a deep breath in and out, so he can actually key in on your breathing.

Great posture won’t happen overnight. It will, however, change over time. You may be limiting yourself by being inactive. Age is something we cannot control. As we age, our discs in our back lose some of the water content, becoming less spongy, more rigid, and narrower. Take in account, your knees and hips become more bent, changing your walking pattern.

Osteoporosis, a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue, vitamin deficiency’s, ect, is common these days. A person that suffers from Osteoporosis can break bones such as their hip, wrist, spine, in falls during daily activities. 28 Million People in the US, (women are affected 4x more often then men) suffer from osteoporosis. There are numerous research that states how effective exercise is on improving bone mineral density. Stronger bones, Stronger Posture. An article in the Journal of the American medical association demonstrated that high intensity strength training is an effective and feasible means to preserve bone density while improving muscle mass, strength , and balance in post menopausal women.

Other than physical fitness, there are various ways to start working on your Posture.

START WITH THE SHOWER… -Roll your shoulders and lengthen your Spine -Tuck in your chin and tighten your stomach. -Tilt your head side to side toward your shoulder; turn your head to the right and left.

– Let Your Chin Drop gently to your chest and roll your chin from side to side along your chest. -Stretch as tall as you can. – Let the Warm Water Relax stressed body parts.

Move on to, when your sitting on the dining table and/or watching TV. – Sit in a Chair with good support. -Avoid Soft Couches, or couches with lots of pillows. It will cause you to Slump. -Perform a Pelvic Tilt every half hour. Pull Your Stomach in and gently squeeze your buttocks together while pressing your lower back into the back of your chair. Release. – Place a small stool, about 6-8 inches under your feet to raise your knees slightly higher than your hips. – Throughout your busy days, take a moment, maybe every 1-2 hours and stand up straight, tuck in our chin, bring your shoulders back and down, and tighten up your stomach.

The Gym- Yass the Gym : )

-It would be advise to hire a professional. Gym Equipment is often not meant for postural work. However, if you work on your posture while exercising, it can lead to an amazing workout.

When I drive my Car, I place a pillow on my legs, up against my stomach. I place the seat belt over the pillow, to ensure that I stay upright. Not only does it help with posture, it feels so comfortable. I nicknamed my pillow, “Fat Pillow.” True Story. I have 3 of them.

I also have a standing desk to prevent me from slumping over too much. Posture is incredibly important to me, and extremely important to my Abs. It teaches me to keep my core tight. I have taught myself, over time to just naturally keep it tight in my daily activities.

When You slouch and slump, you shorten your abdominal, pushing the fat on your stomach and can create rolls and creases.

Of course Sitting Up Straight requires abdominal strength, (Planks, Wood Chops, Side Planks,) to strengthen your muscles around your midsection. Doing exercises that strengthen your back and posterior shoulder exercises, like Wide Grip Row, Inverted Rows, reverse Fly’s, will help to pull your shoulders back to minimize slumping. Stretching your hamstrings, Chest, Hip Flexors through out the day due to the tightness, will also help you.


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