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Nutrition Intuition

The Ancient Socratic admonition to, "Know Thyself."

This becomes vitally important to help you individualize your personal nutrition and health regiments. Our job is to do our best to customize your regiments into habits and practices that acknowledges your biochemical individuality. Our Goal is to reduce the negative stressors and emphasize the positive healthy supporting ones. Your Uniqueness is something to be explored and celebrated, along with taking actions to make improvements when appropriate.

Lets being with, Your gene expression. Let go of the saying,

"Well my gammy had it so Will I!"

We can direct and shape the way your genes are expressed. Just because you have a certain genetic predisposition, does not mean that you will acquire that disease. It merely means that you have the tendency toward that disease if you behave in a such a way as to cause those attributes to be expressed.

Let's Move on more so to the reality of going to the doctor."

When you gain weight this often leads to elevated blood pressure. You end up going to the doctor where he/she prescribes you a mild diuretic and low salt diet. Couple weeks later, your go back in for a follow up only to see a moderate improvement in your blood pressure. However, Now, you have a slight elevation in cholesterol due to the diuretic. Now the doctor puts you on a low fat diet or prescribed medication. Couple weeks later, you go back in to see your doctor, again, moderate change in cholesterol, however now your blood sugar and triglycerides have elevated. Things will continue to get worse and worse and more medications are tried. When all you needed was proper nutrition and an exercise program. All these disorders are being aggravated by the treatments. These disorders occur so commonly in our society that we've become numb to the staggering tool they take on one. (Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, ect)

Poor Lifestyle choices and inappropriate treatment approaches.

Finding a Workout Program to follow, is important; More So Optimally Nourishing Our bodies to THRIVE IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

There are so many people that are deficient in their vitamins and minerals. The listings on Food labels do not matter. When you understand the way the soil has been depleted you realize that in many cases the food simply doesn't have the level of nutrient it once had. This is where Vital Vitamins and Minerals come in. I don't understand why people are so hesitant when it comes to vitamins and minerals. (Supplements) There hasn't even been one death caused by dietary supplement. Now compare that with the number of people believed to die each year from reverse drug reactions on estimated 80,000-110,000. There are more then 16,500 Americans killed each year from internal bleeding cause by NSAIDS. Yet they spend so much time scaring people out of taking nutritional supplements.

How about the benefits of taking nutritional supplements, "The Potentials.."

*Correcting a Nutritional Deficiency

* Boosting Marginal Levels of a given nutrient to be a more effective level.

*Providing some significant health benefits associated with improving functions that are related to metabolic reactions

*Increased health


*Quality of life


*Disease Prevention

The List of potential benefits can be huge while the risk are fairly low.

(Possibly wasting your money on a poor quality product poorly designed, expecting a benefit yet not getting one.


As I mentioned earlier, our soil has been depleted and our environment polluted. Our Stress levels are pushed to the limit.

We are here to help aid and design for you, your own personal program, that works strictly for you. Your health is an investment. I have always thought,

"People can stand in a line for 3 Hours and pay hundreds of dollars for the newest phone on the market, knowing that if they drop it and it breaks, they are out a couple hundred. Also, Knowing, it does nothing for their internal health. They would rather invest in technology then thriving for their heart to beat properly, for their digestive tract to work properly, to feel great, to sleep great, to perform with excellence, ect." It will never make any sense to me. Take care of you first, and dropping that phone won’t stress you out so much! Think about it!!!!

Below I have listed some things to consider:

When Should a Person Consider adding Nutritional Supplements to their Daily Regimen?

  1. If you are under any significant amount of mental stress.

  2. If you are under any significant amount of physical stress due to physical labor or exercise.

  3. If you are under any significant amount of environmental stress.

  4. If you have a significant health challenge that may be helped by supplementation of one or more nutrients.

  5. If you have digestive issues.

  6. If you have immune system problems or challenges.

  7. If you feel tired, rundown, fatigued, anxious, depressed, forgetful or simply not right.

  8. If you choose to proactively enhance your health to prevent disease.

  9. Pregnant or lactating.

  10. Senior citizens are generally advised to take various supplements due to reduced digestive and absorptive abilities.

  11. If you are restricting your caloric intake or eating fewer wholesome foods.

  12. If you have an eating disorder.

  13. If you eat processed and fast foods often.

  14. Children and teenagers with irregular eating habits.

  15. If you have a history of demonstrated nutritional deficiencies.

We Look forward to teaching you More......


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