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Protein Shake

Whey protein before or after a workout?


Whey protein is without a doubt the most commonly used supplement in the fitness world nowadays.

But should you drink it before or after a workout for optimal results?

Well, the truth is that powdered protein was designed to be absorbed significantly quicker than protein from food, making it the perfect post-workout drink, as it provides quality protein, quickly, at a time of need.

On the other hand, consuming a high-protein meal 2 hours before a workout can stimulate the anabolic (constructive) response of the body to a workout.

Optimally, if you only have one protein dose per day, you should have a high-protein, high-carb meal before a workout (at least 90 mins prior) and then, a whey protein shake and Carbs after the workout.

This will ensure that you are covering all your nutritional needs for intra-workout energy, as well as recovery.


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