• Natasha Reyes

The New Food Pyramid to follow to Reach Your Weight Loss Goal 2018

The Nutrition guidelines you grew up with are so outdated and don’t work for you anymore.

Food Pyramid

Here’s how to feed your body what it really needs.

It’s never to late to start eating healthier, and it’s NOT a bad idea to eat the foods you enjoy the most.

The Food Pyramid, and Yes that Thing.

In with the Should be, and Out with the, ain’t no gonna follow the FDA Food Pyramid.

Foods You like: Eat What You want, Just don’t eat as much as You want. Ask me if I have ever given up Cake? Go head…. NEVER…

It’s absurd to try to follow a diet, that isn’t sustainable in the long run. I don’t like deprivation. I don’t care for those short term diets. It’s all about Moderation.

Try to shoot for 80% Healthy, and 20% Whatever You want. It’s Reality, and Sustainable.

Calories: When you are trying to lose weight or lean down, it comes to Calories in vs calories out.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, truly likes to sit and count calories all day long. Most people who count calories for weight loss or weight management assume it’s an exact science. It’s Not.

However, Make No Mistake, the Principles of Energy Balance Work.

Take in More Calories | Energy than you expend, You Gain Weight.

Take in Fewer Calories | Energy than you expend, You Lose Weight

Protein is essential! When most think of protein, they think of muscles. Yes, building strong muscles is an important function of protein, however, protein serves other critical purposes in our diet especially when you think about weight loss.

It Stabilizes your blood sugar which is very important in fat loss.

Builds more lean muscle mass (more muscle elevates resting metabolism and allow you to burn more calories throughout the day)

Keeps you full and wards off hunger (think less desire for junk or snack foods)

Burns more calories (it takes more calories to digest a gram of protein than it does to digest a gram of fat or carbohydrate).

Remember Protein is the most important: Especially if you workout. The leaner you become the more protein you will need.

Eat Lean Protein with Every Meal

Carbs and Fats: Now I will add not every person can consume the same amount of carbs and get away it. You have to learn your carb tolerance.

Healthy Carbohydrates are needed for better retention in muscle mass, better performance, and better energy levels.

Fat is Essential (Fatty Acids to survive are needed to regulate hormone production, and also help with hair and nails) Fat Cells help to insulate your body and keep you warm!!!

Consistency is King!!! I mention Consistency in almost all my IG Post because that’s what it takes!!!

✓ 90% commitment to an “average” meal plan always trumps 50% commitment to a perfect meal plan. Stop obsessing over the perfect meal plan and just focus on building one you can follow.

WHEN YOU’RE CONSISTENTYOU DON’T HAVE TO BE PERFECTSuccess with training and diet is a long term play.It’s not what you do on any day or week that makes you succeed. BUT what you do week after week over months and years.LOOKING FOR GUIDANCE…. I AM HERE TO HELP YOU!!!


NO Restrictions!




You won’t just follow instructions on your program. You will learn about your body and the nutrition it needs to reach your body Goals!

I will create a plan that works with your habits, your schedule, and your lifestyle. You will also have unlimited access to me, whenever you NEED ME.

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