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Why do Some Personal Trainers Fail

Why do Personal Trainers Fail?

Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers are losing their recognition nowadays due to the masses of unqualified trainers.

Therefore its hard to find the great ones, because looking can be overwhelming.

I want this article to reach to the fitness professionals and those looking for a fitness professional.

For the Professionals:

Do these sound like you? Are you providing or doing any of these?

For those seeking a professional: I would like you to consider asking yourself plenty of questions before pursuing the consultation with the personal trainer.

First I'd like to ask you something. Why do so many trainers, fitness professionals fail?

They lack the ability of Psychology. If you want your business to soar, you have to understand Psychology, or your business will never thrive.

We can only relate and empathize with clients if we have been through their experience. If we have not, this is where Psychology comes into a play. It will help you to step outside of yourself and into their shoes.

There are many other Reasons:

They have a low EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Have poor people skills Make it about them Not Relatable They don't offer the right kind of fitness training Usually, only have one philosophy about exercise and nutrition. They stop learning after they are certified They give up too Early. Lack of Passion Burned Out

Adapting to what is hot and trending is so essential. I don't mean that just because Cross Fit is big, you have to incorporate Cross-Fit, however, what we have learned about Cross Fit, is people like the group environment. What we don't like is the High Injury Rate. What Can You do? Create a group environment with no injury. Simple Right? Not Exactly-

What Makes a Trainer Great (Not Just Good)

Credentials and Education Results Practice what You Preach They don't ignore nutrition They Believe in the Client

It Doesn't matter what Kind of Personal Trainer You are. People don't care about that. They care about the Person You are.

If you are investing in a personal trainer, stalk them as if you were going to hire a partner for your business. A Personal Trainer shouldn't just be someone who tells you how to pick up weight and put it down. A personal trainer is a life-changing experience. It is a health investment.

The right one can help change your entire life, your health, energy, and Self-Love.

How do I know how to find the right trainer?

Start by examining the individual themselves.

-Are they someone you would want to one day look like? -Is it realistic and achievable? -Are they Drug-Free- (No steroids) - Is their Attitude Positive, Up to Beat? -Who do they surround themselves with? -Do they get along with other trainers/employees? -Do they look like they are getting younger, not older? -Are they injury free? -Do they live a life of reality? Drink Wine? Eat Chocolate? Eat Out? -Do they have a busy life, children, family, etc.? -What is their social media telling you? Are they about themselves, and only themselves? Are they providing content to their clients to help educate them? -Are the agnostic to one style of training and nutrition?

2nd-Examine their Experience:

-How long have they been training? -Do they know anything about Nutrition and healthy eating? (Exercise is a small part of it) -What are their credentials? -What kind of clients do they attain? -Are they stuck on one philosophy of how training and nutrition work? Or are they open to Multiple? -What results have they produced, MOST IMPORTANTLY, Sustained throughout their career among individuals?

What about a gym? -Walk in, how do you feel right away? -How clean is the environment? -The people that are in there, what sense of presence do you feel? -The people that work there, how did they make you feel? {The Employees, create the environment, not the fancy equipment, remember that. } -What is their message? Their Philosophy? -What I feel is of importance when hiring a personal trainer is their Retention... How many people have stayed dedicated to this one particular gym?

In over 12 years of owning a Gym, I can confidently say, these attributes, are essential when investing in a life-changing experience. That's what it should be, a life-changing experience.

What doesn't qualify someone as a Great Fitness Professional:

-Someone who does a competition show, win 1st place and all of sudden calls themselves a trainer. (I am over here rolling my eyes) -Lack of Credentials -Lack of Experience -A trainer roided out on steroids, at their best physique telling you, you could one day look like them. -Adding to that, a professional using illegal drugs to enhance and transform their physique. If they are a byproduct of "Health" why would want to use illegal drugs? ---- Because I do shows! Because I compete! Yada Yada…

>In that case, focus on training individuals with the same goals. Promising an 18-year-old, that he too can look like you one day, or a young female that she also could have a lean six pack with no water weight on her body is blatantly wrong. Taking on a Stay at home mom, a retired, any type of natural individual giving them hopes that if they follow your program, they too will look like that, is just Wrong.

I am not opposing what a bodybuilder wants to do personally to get where they need to get to in the bodybuilding industry, or the females, that do the same. To Each their own. However, stick to your expertise, your niche, what you do well and know how to do.

Enough on the Tangent.~

You have every right as a client to interview the trainer you are going to hire! Investing in a fitness professional is a health investment, not a frenzy. Next time you visit with a Trainer, Professional, and/or Gym, Interview them Bring a Pen and Notebook with you. Make sure they are qualified by your standards!


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