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How Does it Work?


This Starting Fat-Loss Program will help you kick-start your fat loss efforts while improving your health at the same time. This program contains the key information and resources that you will need for sustainable and realistic weekly fat-loss. The focus of this program is to create a daily calorie deficit for you, so the focus is on food-logging and calorie control


Who is it for?


This program is perfect for developing people who want to follow a proven, fad-free and sustainable approach to losing fat.


How Long Does it Last?


It is recommended that you follow this program for 4-16 weeks at a time.

While it is possible for you to remain in a calorie deficit for longer, it is a good idea to have ‘diet- breaks’ if you have larger amounts of body fat to lose.


What is Included?

  • Action Plan (nutrition, training and lifestyle advice for you)
  • Calorie and macronutrient calculator
  • Completed Meal Plan
  • Supplement Guide
  • Completed 4-week Training Planner
  • Fat-loss Training Program
  • Progress Diary (meal planner template, macronutrient tracker, diet and lifestyle diary, training planner template, progress recorder)

The Starting Fat Loss Program

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