Our Metabolic Focused On Full body. They burn calories, get your metabolism revving and give you the cardiovascular benefits you are looking for. In the research, interval cardio training has been shown to be the most effective for fat loss. We’ve taken it up a notch and incorporated exercises in multiple planes of motion, using all kinds of free equipment. You’ll have a blast and you’ll torch fat! In addition to 1-3 strength workouts/ Complete Strength, add a Metabolic group session 1-3 times a week to Your Routine for a solid Foundation!! 

  • Body Strength Training Including, Legs, Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps, Bk


    1 hr

    Non Packaged Fee $10
  • If you're looking for a toning workout that targets your entire body,


    1 hr

    Non Packaged Fee $10

At Fitt Life, Our Group Workouts burn the Most

Fat in the Shortest Time!

Our Afterburn method has a number of advantages over the competition, perhaps the biggest is that the workouts only last 30 minutes. We value your time, and believe it's crucial for any successful fitness program to avoid burning you out and taking away your motivation. But don't worry, short workout times do not mean we're short on results.

Our program is uniquely designed to incorporate non-stop movement and jolt your metabolism. We use both High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training to fill the half-hour with simple, yet dynamic exercises that work your whole body. In the end, your body will be in a state of intense fat burning, thanks to the metabolic rise. This can last for nearly 32 hours after the session finishes!

Yes, this means fat loss while you sleep, cook dinner, run errands, etc. You get a full day of results for just half an hour of your time and effort. It's a great payoff, especially considering our workouts actually increase your energy levels as well. There's a lot of power in a boosted metabolism, join us and find out how great it feels to reshape your body fast.