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For Just $67, You can Sign Up

For the 21 Day Total Body Break Through.

This Total Body Break Through can be done by anybody, regardless of age, weight, fitness level, or flexibility.

We Get Real Results for Real People Like You.

Start Anytime and make the investment in your Health and Wellness.

Get Started Today.

Here is What to Expect:

You can drop up to 10lbs by attending 3-4 Group Personal Training Classes a Week and following the nutrition plan that will be given to you.

You Can start whenever You're ready and we will get you set up!

Why Should you Participate:

Everyone is welcomed here at Fitt Life Fitness Gym.

Regardless if you're looking to lose weight or maintain your current fitness level, we can help you reach your goals with accountability and a proven plan.

Our Coaches will modify any workouts needed for your specific needs. No matter what your current level, prior injuries or diet needs, the 21 Day Total Body Break Through is right for you.

If you have not exercised in a long time, our personal trainers will ensure that you complete the program and get you amazing results regardless of your current fitness abilities.

This is a great affordable opportunity to include fitness into your life without it taking over while meeting others who are on the same path as you.

3 Easy Steps to Success.

Step 1: Attend 3-4 Group Training Classes Each Week.

Step 2: Our coaches will help you along the way with your Meal Plan.

Step 3: See the results you've always wanted to achieve.


When does the Program Start?

There is no specific start date. Once you are registered, we will contact you to get started.

What will I receive?

  • 3-4 Personal Training Group Classes

  • Access to the Gym

  • Nutrition Plan

  • 2 InBody Scans

What are the session Times?

We will discuss this in Person.

What will be required of Me?

We encourage you to work out a minimum of 3x per week. You will also have access to the gym anytime that you cannot meet one of our Group Classes.

Who is this For?

Anyone. Any Fitness Level, beginner, to intermediate.

I don't have a lot of weight to lose. Can I still do this Program?

Yes, you certainly can. You do not have to have a lot of weight to lose to participate in this program.

I haven't Exercised ina long time. Can I Still Participate?

Yes, and you most certainly should. Our Coaches will ensure that you complete the program and get amazing results regardless of your current fitness abilities.


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