We do things differently here.

Fitt Life Fitness is not just a gym, it's a community. Our coaches will help you turn your life around and elevate your mindset. With adapted training and nutrition programs to suit your needs, you can access the lifestyle that you deserve. 

We feel using the Holistic approach has given individual solutions to our clients and have really helped to upgrade their life. We want to improve your quality of life.

Natasha Reyes



Fitness & Coach, Nutritionist, Lifetime Natural Athlete

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Natasha Reyes is the CEO of Fitt Life Fitness. She Opened the Business in 2007!

"I absolutely love that we are advocates of Prevention and Wellness. We are fighting diseases, fighting depression, and fighting for people's lives. I love that I never dread Mondays and never live for Fridays. It's the best cause in life."


"The Strength that you build in the gym carries over to every other aspect of your life. It gives you the belief that everything else is possible. This is truly the secret and main benefit of Training. "


Allie Wankowicz
Certified Personal Trainer

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"My goal is to help anyone create lasting changes in their life. There is no better feeling in my life than helping others achieve their fitness goals while at the same time helping them create healthier habits.


I’ve been involved in sports my whole life and I understand the dedication that comes with creating a better “you”. The first step is walking through those gym doors. Action creates momentum, and momentum energizes you to keep going."

Kickboxing Trainer Allie

Mike Clardy
CPT, Nutritionist, Veteran

 "I started my fitness journey while serving in the United States Coast Guard as a Health Promotion Coordinator.


During my time as a Coast Guard, I inspired and helped many individuals lose weight to get them within regulations.

This lead me on another Journey to take it even further and work with individuals outside of the Coast Guard.  


 My goal now is to help any individual with their Fitness and Nutritional goals. Nutrition can be a real struggle even with a nutritional plan. I take it a step further with my individual clients, with Nutritional Cooking!"


Brandon Hamil


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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.


From diving the deepest depths to climbing the tallest structures, I've learned nothing compares to helping someone achieve their goals."

Personal Trainer

Derek Caffey
Certified Personal Trainer
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"9 Years ago, I choose to make a lifestyle change. I was overweight for the majority of my life. I have an understanding of what your going through and have obtained personally and professionally the keys to your success.


Through my journey, I developed a love for Fitness and had the urge to teach many.


Every day I am committed to showing my clients that a healthy lifestyle is a balance between Healthy Nutrition and Exercise.


This was my success in reaching my Weight Loss Goals and I am excited to Get Started on Yours!"

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Matt Gonzales


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 "After many years of helping people reach their goals and achievements plus being a Marine, I'm truly confident that I can train you to the best of your ability and make you reach new goals/life goals you never thought were possible.



Fitness is a lifestyle, keeping us younger and stronger for longer. Fitness and wellness is a passion of mine and truly makes my heart happy knowing that I helped someone accomplish their fitness/life goals."

Personal Trainer

Jessica Valdez
CPT, CNT, Class Instructor
(Bilingual (Spanish) 


"My fitness journey began when I decided to become a healthy and fit mom for my children.


During the process of becoming a healthier and stronger me, I discovered my passion and purpose.


My goal now is to inspire, motivate, and help others to become a better version of themselves; and why not also teach how to build fit and healthy homes."

Bilingual Personal Trainer, 77573