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Fitness Holiday Gift Ideas

We have some Great Gift Ideas for just about anyone looking to put their health and fitness first! Everyone has a fitness goal whether it's to gain muscle, tone up, or increase their flexibility. No matter what goal they have for 2020, we've got a gift that'll help them get there.

>Gym Memberships: Starting at only $26.99 Month!!!

>Group Classes: Muscle Up Monday | BodyXtreme Tuesday

Beat the Heat Wednesday |Body Up Thursdays | Body Wake Saturdays

>Nutrition: Evidence-Based Nutrition & Excercise Here at Fitt Life our force behind Nutrition is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals. Each Client is individually evaluated and provided with a well researched and comprehensive plan they can follow. 

>If they're looking to jumpstart a new fitness routine or want to tone up, useful workout gear that helps them get closer to their goal will be much more appreciated than a set of towels. We have that covered!

>If You're looking for a wearable fitness tracker, my zone is the best! MYZONE helps keep you motivated by offering accurate tracking of your effort levels through heart-rate monitoring technology. Through goal setting, social accountability, fun challenges and the opportunity to earn badges and climb status rankings, we make working out fun and engaging to help keep you on track. It's no secret that if you put in the effort required you'll get the results you want, and if you don't, you won't - MYZONE is here to help make sure you do!


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