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Can you score better than 70% on this?

A big common thread I see with clients who go from okay to getting great results is this. Quoted below from a recent client success story...

This client finally decided to take ownership of their results, even for stuff many of us would call bad luck, which led to this, they said: "Coach, I had to stop thinking I was giving 100% when I was really only giving 70% at best and invest in accountability."

And that's the way it is for almost everyone right? We ALL have negative habits or behaviors we continually do even though we KNOW they're a problem and holding us back.

Evening snacking, cheat meals, alcohol, and too much "eyeballing" the portion sizes of our favorite foods (when those are the foods that most need managing.) ...

Or the classics, "I work damn hard so I deserve this wine/cookies" and its evil excuse cousin "aww screw it, I might as well finish that pizza and bottle of wine and re-start on Monday!" Absurd? Yes.

And yet we all do them, even realize we do them. Until we finally decide that ENOUGH is enough and start demanding more of ourselves. That's when we start reaching our potential and getting results that last.

70% effort and consistency isn't terrible. It's enough to get by or at least stay the same. Is staying the same good enough for you right now?

If so, carry on my friend. If not, get to it and get ready for a 100% positive change!


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