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Combining workouts

Many believe that combining cardio and weight training is not possible. Studies have actually shown that combining both weight and cardio workouts will give a person better results, whether they are looking to gain strength and build muscle or lose fat.

Cardio exercises are high intensity workouts for weight loss, that increase the heart rate and metabolism and will keep the body fit and healthy. Some cardio exercises are running, jogging, swimming and biking. Weight and strength training workouts are used to strengthen and increasing the size of the muscles. Weight workouts consist of using dumbbells, weight stacks and weight bars.

Combining weights and cardio into one workout has been proven to give better results, and it is a total body workout that will build muscle, strength, and burn fat. It is suggested to start a workout with weights and end the session with cardio to get the best results. Most workouts that combine cardio and weights consist of doing sets of three, four or five with repetitions of 24, 34 or 48. It is really up to the individual, but it is recommended to start off slow and add rest periods in between. Again, the rest periods are also up to the individual, but it is highly recommended that they be no longer than 20 or 30 seconds.

Here is a list of cardio and weight exercises that anyone can mix and match to their liking to achieve the desired goal.

Cardio exercises

  • Step-ups

  • Treadmill

  • Stair climbing

  • Kettle bells

  • Mopping

  • Washing the car

  • Hiking

  • Bike riding

  • Jumping jacks

  • Power walking

  • Jogging

  • Swimming

  • Jump rope

Weight exercises

  • Abdominal dumbbells exercises (weight crunch, weight leg raise, side bend dumbbell)

  • Dumbbell chest exercises (bench press, straight arm pull over, incline and decline bench press)

  • Shoulder dumbbell exercises (grip in shoulder press, shoulder press, sit down shoulder press, back shoulder press)

  • Bicep dumbbell exercises (alternated bicep curls, bicep curls, inner bicep curls, bicep bench curls)

  • Triceps dumbbell exercises (arm triceps extension, single triceps extension, sit down triceps extensions, triceps bench press extensions)

  • Leg shoulder dumbbell exercises (Sit down shoulder press, back shoulder press, sit down lateral raise, push press)

  • Forearm dumbbell exercises (arm bend wrist curls, one arm wrist curls, one arm down wrist curl)

There are also a ton of videos that an individual can look at to get ideas or make it their own. Personally, having tried many workouts, the most effective fat-burning workouts are HIIT workouts. These workouts can be very challenging, but will give results due to the reps and rests in between the reps.

Every individual has to find what works best for them, whether it be a routine workout, daily activities similar to doing a workout or going to the gym. For beginners, it is a challenge to get started, but if a person is motivated, has a goal and is willing to invest time and effort, it can be done.


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