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Pay Close Attention to How Food Makes you Feel!

Pay attention to how food makes you feel. We always tell people, "Your body knows more then we Do."

They say for every food that exists, there's an article explaining that it's full of Poison. Some of them will say, that Meat isn't good for you, or that Gluten is the worse. There is an awesome Intolerance test that you can get done by your doctor. 

The whole Purpose of eating well is to feel amazing. 

1. Eat Some Food

2. Take Notes of the foods in the meal

3. Think about how you feel after the meal. 

-Are you tired?

-Are you full of energy?

-Do you have Gas?

Make sure you take notes every time you feel a certain way. For example, if you eat dairy, and your stomach hurts, it's obvious you aren't tolerant to Dairy. If you eat nuts and all of sudden have a headache, again your body doesn't like it. 

Pay close attention to your excretion, as well as your urine. 

Your Body Knows more then we do. Listen to It.


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