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What Is Fat? Fat Loss/Weight Loss

"Can I lose fat in one place?"

In Its most Basic Form,

"Fat is stored Energy."

Why does Your Body Store Fat❓

All It cares about is survival.

Body Fat is A good thing because it stores energy for later, when you haven’t eaten or no around food.{Fat is a Storage container to hold backed up food.}

Another Myth to Debunk:

❎ Spot Reduction Myth: Attempting to remove fat stores from specific areas of the body by performing exercises that target those areas in hopes you only lose fat from those areas.

Unfortunately those exercises may strengthen certain muscles but they have no impact on reducing the amount of fat stored there.

Fat loss will always happen over the entire body and cannot be localized.

Men: Will have more body fat in the upper region areas especially the abdominal area

Women: Will store, hips, butt, abdominal area. So next time your working out💪🏻

 TAKE NOTE that your body DOES NOT USE the stored fat nearest to the muscle that is being flexed💪🏻.

In fact the entire body is being burned!

If Your trying to drop Body Fat, Hitt Workouts, Metabolic, anaerobic workouts will work for you.

Over time your composition will come together, considering, the fact that your body will burn "fat" in the area's you hold the most naturally, (away from the flexed muscle💪🏻).

Diets and Diet Foods Weight loss..... 

What's the truth❓

#1 Detoxing....Going to put it in simplified terms:

Detox Example: Short Term diets focusing on juices, while restricting less healthy foods or drinks! Changes to overall health require long term changes to diet and exercise regimen. NOT a 2 week, 3 week Detox diet. ❌

Even if you restrict your daily intake of calories, the first few days you will only be losing water and glycogen.

YOUR weight will return once you start eating normal again.

The biggest component is that if you restrict your calories you will also be losing muscle.

The goal is to lose fat, NOT MUSCLE.

You can not keep muscle if you are restricting your calories too much. 🚫

The longer you starve your body, the worse. You will start to lose energy, your cravings will increase and possible depression. 😔

With Most detox diets, your Protein intake is low. Without Protein, your body will not hold, or build muscle. Your body will slowly strip your muscle away little by little, because it needs the energy.

Carbs Do not make you Fat: 🚫

Another Recap Although there there is some evidence that carbs cause insulin insensitivity, this is only the case for people with pre-diabets who are overeating high sugar carbs! This only applies if your not exercising and your sitting day in and day out only consisting of high sugary foods, candy bars. 🚫

However, if you follow a well balanced diet and exercise regularly then quality carbs will actually be necessary to fuel your workouts. 💯

🍴Cutting carbs from your diet also means restricting your energy source and limiting your potential for muscle growth. 💪

❌Dietary fat makes you fat........🙅

Eating fat doesn’t make you gain fat unless it leads to a long term caloric surplus.

➥Your body needs to consume healthy fats for hormone production)

➥Low fat diets can decrease your testosterone, so make sure to get a great amount of Omegas....

Besides many low fat products actually contain more calories than their normal counterparts. 😱

At the End of the day, the only fat you should really avoid are trans fat. (Which are in processed foods and fried foods.)🍟🥓

What about Fat Loss Food❓❓❓❓ 

There is no such thing as a WEIGHT LOSS FOOD


Think of the twinkie diet (look this up) For 10 weeks, Mark Haub, a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, ate one of these sugary cakelets 🍰every 3⃣ hours, instead of meals.

To add variety in his steady stream of Hostess and Little Debbie snacks, Haub munched on Doritos chips 🥣sugary cereals and Oreos, too.

His premise: That in weight loss, pure calorie counting is what matters most -- not the nutritional value of the food❗

The premise held up: On his "convenience store diet," he shed 27 pounds in two months.😱

For a class project, Haub limited himself to less than 1,800 calories a day. A man of Haub's pre-dieting size usually consumes about 2,600 calories daily.

So he followed a basic principle of weight loss: He consumed significantly fewer calories than he burned. His body mass index went from 28.8, considered overweight, to 24.9, which is normal. He now weighs 174 pounds. Haub's body fat dropped from 33.4 to 24.9 percent!

This example isn't to state, that everyone should go on a junk food diet as long as they are staying under their deficit. However the example is showing, that Haub stayed within his caloric intake, and dropped weight.

Was it healthy, NO. We would all pose that question.

I do not recommend eating 100% of your calories from Junk. Your body needs healthy foods, vitamins and minerals to function. 🥦🥙🍊🥗

I would suggest anywhere from 80-90% healthy food, and about 10% on the "bad foods," for over all success.

However to Lower body fat goals: Junk food won’t cut it. 🚫

Protein is the most important: Especially if you workout. The leaner you become the more protein you will need.

Healthy Carbohydrates are needed for better retention in muscle mass, better performance, and better energy levels.

🥑Fat is Essential (Fatty Acids to survive are needed to regulate hormone production, and also help with hair and nails) Fat Cells help to insulate your body and keep you warm!!!

Real Fat Loss Foods Provide lots of vitamins and minerals
Are Filling While also being relatively light in calories.
Less likely crave unhealthy foods, and less likely to overeat.
Protein: Leans Meats, Low Fat Dairy Products, Egg Whites, Vegetables, etc Carbs: Oats, Vegetables, Legumes, sweet potato
Fats: Avocado, Seeds, Nuts, Olive Oil, Flax seed Oil, Chi Seeds, ect Fat burners themselves don’t burn fat....  

Fat Burners Can

➡Increase your metabolism

➡Decrease hunger and cravings from ruining your plans

➡Make the overall experience of dieting more enjoyable.

When looking at a fat burner make sure they have one of these in here for the metabolism increase to really take place:

Caffeine, Synephrine, Green Tea Extract ,Naringenin and Hesperidin (Grapefruit, skin in tomatoes that help with blood flow)

➡Xanthohumol + Turmeric: Xanthohumol based nutraceutical and is a super-nutrient antioxidant found in the hops flower. (Learn More)

Remember this: Changes in Weight don’t always mean changes in body fat.

Most people think when they step on the scale and see a pound drop they assume it’s fat.

It could be multiple different things: Change in your muscle Mass, Your Glycogen muscles, the food you carry in your stomach or water…

Watch for Hidden calories in:👀 Small Snacks, Restaurant, Alcohol intake: 👀 200 or 300 extra calories can totally through you off a day if consuming. 😱

DIETING IS AS MUCH PHYSIOLOGICAL BATTLE AS IT IS PHYSICAL. 🧠 If choosing a supplement make sure if enhances your mood, verses the opposite......


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